Our Hearts

We learn so much from others and their insight and wisdom. This is the thoughts and hearts of our Compassionate Friends Chapter and what being a part of the group means to them.
Adam's Dad..."Being a part of a group of people that understands grief and its differences following the loss of a child is invaluable.  There is no one looking at you with disbelief that you are still grieving the loss even after a number of years.  Everyone understands that it is a loss that never heals and never goes away.  Being a part of a grief group allows me to express my feelings in a safe environment without being ridiculed or looked down upon.  It allows me to remember Adam in any way that I want to remember him because no one is judging my grief.  We are all living with the same hole in our heart."
Looking Around..."As I sat in the meeting listening I realized we are a group of people helping to heal one another hearts by providing strength and hope to each other and for that I am grateful.  I find myself accepting and feeling more peaceful with knowing that love and grief share a bond.. neither has no timeline.. and that is ok as I now know others who understand this too."
My Lifeline..."A lifeline is what this group is to me."